The Science Behind Transdermal THC and CBD Products

Evolve's NanoSphere Delivery System™ is a patented process that nano-sizes active ingredients into NanoGels™ where they are wrapped in a protective natural, lipid membrane for superior absorption, bioavailability, stability and dosing. This innovative encapsulation protects against degradation and enhances the active agents’ ability to cross cellular barriers and communicate with unique effectiveness with the endocannabinoid receptors, peripherally and centrally.

The Proof

Evolve products are produced by certified licensees utilizing the proprietary, patented delivery system NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc., (NSHS). NSHS has research as its highest priority and is continuously building on its understanding and application of proprietary nanobiotechnology. It was the first to conduct in vivo human clinical testing and to demonstrate superior pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic results with products produced with its technology. To review our Clinical Study summary, please click here.

By these measures and more, Evolve delivers.