Anxiety, Exercise and Topical Cannabis Relief

Each and every one of us has our own set of specific health needs - and more particularly, mental health - but common ground is still easy to find. One of the most important ways that we can begin to think about day-to-day self improvement is to talk about anxiety. Even for people who have never had the experience of working through a serious mental health issue, anxiety is something that everyone can relate to. The day-to-day activity of being human comes with a certain amount of natural stress that builds up over time—both mental and physical. But considering how common a problem anxiety is, there are a surprising lack of specific options about how to improve its effects.  Whether you are looking to remedy serious panic attacks, or just a simple way to manage general anxiety, there is a proven combination to help improve your daily life. The positive effects of exercise, as well as the use of topical cannabis products from Evolve Formulas, is a winning and natural combination in the battle against anxiety.

The importance of using exercise to balance our mental and physical health is something that has been known for thousands of years. More recently, we have started to understand this relationship at an evolutionary and chemical level. When we exercise and exert our body physically, we naturally begin to experience the effects of a whole host of endorphins, hormones, neurotransmitters and proteins. This relationship is part of a reward system that has developed over hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution, allowing our bodies to experience a sense of gratification and calmness after periods of intense physical activity. Unsurprisingly, mental health professionals are now finding out that this biological connection between exercise and improved levels of anxiety is an ideal way to treat mental health conditions.

At Evolve Formulas, our products have been designed to specifically work in conjunction with and treat the effects of exercise and human activity. With any form of exercise, there is going to come along a natural amount of soreness and inflammation, in addition to the possibility for small injuries. Our transdermal cannabis products are ideal for treating the daily wear-and-tear that comes along with living a physically active lifestyle. For runners, shin splints and sore feet are going to be common, while tennis players may experience pain and stiffness in their wrists and elbows. Whatever your chosen form of exercise, topical cannabis products can be used to help maintain and repair your body, all while giving the added benefit of natural anti-inflammatory compounds present in cannabis.

We understand that for many people who are living an active lifestyle and exercising regularly, that the psychoactive effects of cannabis are not desirable. Because of this, Evolve is happy to offer our NanoSerum™ transdermal cannabis in a non-psychoactive, CBD-only option. For anyone who may be new to using cannabis products, this formula is also a great way to get your foot in the door without worrying about the full range of effects from marijuana. With that said, there is no doubt that anxiety is a complex feeling that is rooted in both our mental and physical states. Physical stress can manifest as intellectual anxiety, while nervousness and mental strain can cause us to develop physical issues. Anxiety is a two-way street between the mental and the physical. Because of this, cannabis products are especially well-suited as a treatment option. Utilizing the world’s first and only scientifically supported nanoparticle delivery system for cannabis, Evolve’s NanoSerum™ is the sole cannabis transdermal on the market that can break the blood-brain barrier, penetrating five layers of skin to deliver beneficial cannabinoids into the bloodstream and systemic circulation within three minutes. Giving users significant reduction in anxiety symptoms. Tension can be replaced with feelings of serenity and calmness, while improving sleep quality.

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