As the Western world moves toward more reasonable policies and attitudes regarding cannabis, more and more medical applications for marijuana are being uncovered. In the early stages of decriminalization and limited medical usage of the plant, doctors prescribed the treatment for severe health problems that proved resistant to conventional medicine. But with this continued move towards more tolerant marijuana laws, the medical community is finding a whole range of more common applications and uses. This is something that we at Evolve Formulas have known since our inception—that topical cannabis can be used to treat a whole host of medical conditions. One of the most obvious cases where the medicinal benefits of cannabis are a perfect fit is arthritis—one of the most common sources of daily pain for people of all ages.

In this case, we are using the term arthritis to include a whole host of different medical causes for chronic joint inflammation, stiffness, pain and deterioration. The causes of arthritis are varied, but include common medical problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, osteoarthritis as well as pain that is caused from years of physical activity. Whatever the root cause may be, arthritis is the leading cause of disability among adults in the United States.


Many people tend to think of arthritis as being an age-dependent problem, which only affects the elderly. This is because there is some confusion between osteoarthritis, the type of joint deterioration that does become more of a problem as we age, and the larger umbrella of problems which cause joint pain. Around 30 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, but recent studies in Canada have shown that over half of patients seeking relief from arthritis are under the age of 65, and are still of working age. This is because joint inflammation can come from a wide range of different factors, including genetics, diet, and physical activity.

For any young person who has a history of athletic competition, long hours of manual labor, or dealing with chronic inflammation, this data makes sense. For millions of people across the world, their younger years spent on the soccer field or the basketball court have taken a toll on their joints. This could be due to multiple sustained injuries, resulting in a buildup of scar tissue, or simply years and years of physical impact which has resulted in joint inflammation and a loss of mobility. We don’t like to think of these problems as being in the same category as osteoarthritis, but medically they are. The good news in this case is that means that they can be treated using similar methods, and Evolve Formulas transdermal cannabis serums are perfectly suited to help with arthritis, whatever the cause may be.


The cannabinoids that are found in marijuana have shown time and time again to serve as both anti-inflammatory compounds as well as pain-reducing treatments. In a 2014 study published in The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, researchers found that THC was able to reduce inflammation at specific sites by altering the chemistry of the body. These are the two biggest areas of medical science where arthritis patients are hoping to find solutions. For many people, simply knowing that cannabis can be an effective treatment option is not enough. This is because of the social stigma that is still associated with marijuana use, including the common ingestion methods such as smoking, vaping or eating.

Evolve Formulas has crafted specifically-designed transdermal cannabis applications that remove these stigmas, allowing our customers to focus on the medical benefits of our products. We also understand that for many people, the high that comes along with traditional marijuana use is not something that needs to come along for a ride. That is why our NanoSerum™ applications are available in both standard THC as well as non-psychoactive CBD options, depending on your needs and desires for pain relief.

Because our products are transdermal, they can rapidly transport cannabinoids applied to the skin’s surface through the dermis for localized and systemic actions. For arthritis patients who are dealing with joint trouble do to athletic injury, there is usually going to be one specific area that is in need of relief. NanoSerum™ is tailored to suit these applications.  

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