Evolve Formulas is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with patented delivery system based on nanotechnology to administer cannabis and CBD transdermally to treat an array of conditions and ailments. As the industry begins to really research the benefits of cannabis, more ailments are seeing benefits from cannabis treatment. One of the more recent conditions that could see noted benefits from cannabis and CBD treatments is that of psoriasis.


Psoriasis is a complicated auto-immune disorder that presently has no known cure. Although there are several forms of psoriasis, most are the result of skin cells building up at an accelerated rate and creating itchy patches of scaly skin. Most diagnoses of the ailment impact only the skin, but in more severe cases the disorder can impact joints and nails. Parts of your body may become inflamed, swollen, and increasingly red leading to extreme pain and discomfort. Additionally, psoriasis can impact someone’s mental confidence and overall well being. There are many forms of treatment for psoriasis, although no total cure exists. This is where cannabis comes into picture. Evolve Formulas’ NanoSerum™ can help assist those suffering with psoriasis, not as a cure but as powerful relief from many of the symptoms. NanoSerum™ contains lipid nanoparticle that are able to rapidly penetrate the skin payers, for consistent and sustain delivery locally and systemically. Making Evolve’s NanoSerum™ the next generation of cannabis therapeutics.


The side effects of psoriasis extend far beyond that of red and scaly skin. Very few people understand the mental anguish and stress that comes with consistently hiding part of your body or the anxiety that stems from worrying about the condition itself. Although there are powerful medical and light therapies that can help aid psoriasis sufferers, these can complicate the immune system and lead to further complications.

Mental Health

Anxiety and stress are common side-effects of psoriasis. THC, and recently CBD, have been linked to relief of these symptoms. Mild doses are capable of relieving even the most intense bouts of anxiety and stress. Psoriasis sufferers may not immediately think that they are being impacted by these symptoms, however after trying Evolve Formulas’ NanoSerum™ their lives may not only change but improve. Going out in public is a huge concern of those diagnosed with psoriasis, and THC/CBD products can be an effective way to relieve these symptoms.

Pain Control

Psoriasis is a painful disorder and has the ability to completely derail a person’s life. Scaly patches of skin can be increasingly uncomfortable dependent on the severity and THC can help with pain relief. Cannabis has often been linked to those suffering from cancer, nervous system pain, and other terrible ailments. Treatments from Evolve Formulas offer the potency of other pharmaceutical products without the severe side-effects. Although cannabis may not be able to take away the pain entirely, it is an extremely effective means of pain control.

Inflammation and the Immune System

Although research is in it’s relative infancy, both CBD and THC are capable of reducing inflammation in the body and regulating the immune system. Psoriasis sufferers may experience a weakened immune system from treatment, much in the same way cancer patients do. THC and CBD have been proven to reduce inflammation in the body and help counteract the immune system’s response to the rapidly growing skin cells. Additionally, Evolve Formula’s NanoSerum™ may alleviate some symptoms from psoriasis. The transdermal application of THC and CBD can help to control the immediate pain in the area as well as stimulate the bodies natural healing properties.


Of course, no treatment for a disorder as serious as psoriasis should be considered without consulting a doctor. If you live in a state that has medical cannabis, there should be no nervousness when it comes to bringing up an all natural alternative that may improve your quality of life. It goes without saying that cannabis should not be considered as a “cure-all” for psoriasis, however there are numerous studies that show it can be used as a powerful treatment for symptoms of psoriasis. Whether you are dealing with the mental anguish of going out in public with psoriasis or the physical discomfort of the scaly skin, cannabis can be considered an excellent option for symptom alleviation. As cannabis legalization continues across the United States, more information will come to light regarding the possible usages of the plant. Despite not receiving federal recognition as a substance of significant “medical use,” cannabis and hemp are becoming more seriously regarded as treatment options for an array of ailments, including psoriasis.

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