NanoSphere spearheads delivery of medical nano-encapsulated THC/CBD

NanoSphere Health Sciences (CSE:NSHS; OTC:NSHSF) has developed a newly-patented delivery technology that increases the bioavailability and bioactivity of its Evolve line of gel-like cannabinoids for the treatment of pain, inflammation and anxiety.

The NanoSphere Delivery System (NDS) also reduces adverse side effects by delivering precise doses of smart nanoparticles to target sites.

“Following more than 20 years of research and development of our NDS, we are the first and only company to nano-size and encapsulate cannabinoids from pharmaceutical grade cannabis,” David Sutton, president and COO, says in an interview with BioTuesdays.

“And we are one of the few companies with human pharmacokinetic blood study data on THC absorption, which favors our products,” he adds.


Mr. Sutton explains that smoking cannabis has no reliable dosages as a medicine and oral absorption of THC is slow, unpredictable and has very low bioavailability. “Cannabis requires a scientifically-proven delivery and carrier system to reach systemic circulation and be effective.”


Samuel TheilComment