As far as the world of modern medicine has come over the past 10, 20 and especially 100 years, we still don’t live in a perfect world of health—far from it. A whole host of human health conditions ranging from persistent headaches to chronic back pain and everything in between still confound many boilerplate medical solutions. At Evolve Formulas, we have come to understand that many of these issues represent ideal applications for our extensive line of transdermal cannabis products.


Because cannabis has been so unfairly maligned socially and disregarded from the much of the medical community throughout the 20th century, many of its most positive benefits are only recently being discovered. It only makes sense that many of these benefits have been found in areas of medical science that have previously come up short. Take for example, the astounding success that so many victims of seizures have had with the use of medical cannabis and CBD to alleviate their conditions. Patients all across North America are now finding out that many other conditions and ailments, including many types of general inflammation, are most effectively treated by cannabis rather than conventional drugs which produce serious side effects and are far more toxic.


When talking about difficult-to-treat individual medical conundrums, there are few which are more universally shared than those of premenstrual syndrome. Everyone’s PMS is different, and there is never going to be any universal cure for a problem that affects so many people all over the world. But with that said, many of the recurrent health consequences of PMS such as cramps, bloating, irritability, nausea and general discomfort are perfect applications for Evolve Formulas cannabis products. From person to person and even from cycle to cycle, the challenges of managing PMS and the host of medical challenges that come along with it are different. With our line of products, women who are looking for different types of pain relief will have a variety of options to choose from that range in potency and include non-psychoactive CBD offerings as well.

Much more research into the historic and future relationship between PMS and cannabis treatment still needs to be done. Currently, one of  the most-often cited pieces a literature on this topic is a study from 2002 that was done in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics. This study considered the use of traditional cannabis remedies in world cultures such as ancient China as possible solutions to current medical issues in women’s health. There may be a need for more research into this direct connection, but there is already a wealth of knowledge which shows that cannabis use is effective as a pain killing and muscle relaxing treatment.


For women who may be considering the use of cannabis for PMS relief, there are obvious benefits to choosing transdermal applications such as those offered by Evolve. However, typical topicals or transdermal patches lack an effective delivery system for transporting cannabinoids through the skin barrier. Transdermal products like Evolve NanoSerum™ guarantee relief through a patented delivery system which helps transport cannabis across dermal barriers into systemic circulation to locations in the central nervous system, spinal cord and brain.
So exactly how does the cannabinoids in NanoSerum™ help relieve pain associated with PMS? Cannabinoids in NanoSerum™ suppress pain and inflammation through multiple processes involving CB1 and CB2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that play a critical role in suppressing neuropathic pain, peripheral pain, inflammation and hyperalgesia (heightened sensitivity to pain). The aromatic terpenes in NanoSerum™ also provide additional pain reducing effects.

Whatever your specific PMS symptoms may be, pursuing transdermal CBD or THC as a solution is a decision with very little to no downside.


SEM Jemsu