An exciting revelation when it comes to the conversation of the nationwide cannabis movement is the usage of topical cannabis lotions, ointments, and creams.  Evolve Formulas is at the forefront of this revolution and uses some of the only patented technology to deliver beneficial THC and CBD ointments faster and with more accuracy and reliability than ever before.  However, applying topical cannabis is not quite as simple as just applying the product to whatever ails you. These are some of the most important things to remember when applying topical cannabis, especially from Evolve Formulas.


This is a common step missed by many topical cannabis users.  It is important to remember that your skin is always covered with a layer of oil, sediment, and dead skin.  In order to achieve the best results with any topical product one must maintain a good level of personal hygiene.  It may not be always necessary to take a full shower before applying an Evolve Formulas product - but even hot water on a washcloth can help open your pores for an even faster uptake time.  Before applying topical cannabis, it is important to wash and dry the area to which you are applying the product. This will ensure that the product is coming in direct contact with the skin itself.  Having a dry area to apply the product is exceptionally important. In addition, it is crucial for you to wash and dry your hands prior to before and after applying any topical cannabis. This ensures that no product will impact the effectiveness of Evolve Formulas and that you won’t place the topical cannabis somewhere you might not want it.


For many people the term “I have pain everywhere” is all too common.  Yet, diagnosing a specific problem area is integral to the success of Evolve Formulas.  Even with the patented NanoSphere technology guiding pain and anxiety-reducing THC/CBD to your cells - placing the product in the correct area is exceptionally important. If you are using Evolve Formula products to treat a specific area, apply accordingly  However, if you are using Evolve Formulas to treat a broader issue, consider applying the product to a few traditional problem areas on the human body. Places like your shoulders, wrists, and joints are excellent places for general application of Evolve Formulas.  In addition, you can use your temples, neck, or soles of the feet to apply the medication. These are often used in other forms of treatment as a way to quickly access a larger problem.


There is a common misconception that topical cannabis is a cure for many ailments.  Although Evolve products are designed to provide the ultimate level of relief, they are not a cure and should not be used as such.  That being said, there are ways to ensure the best results when using topical cannabis such as Evolve Formulas. On the first application there is no reason to be shy about the amount applied.  Use a liberal amount and using firm (but not painful) pressure, rub the topical cannabis into your skin. Once dry, there are no rules about not applying a second or third layer of product in order to increase the chances of achieving adequate relief.


Although topicals are typically used to treat localized pain relief, muscle soreness, and inflammation, there is evidence to show that the uses can stretch much further.  Products with varying concentrations of both THC and CBD may work differently for your symptoms. Evolve Formulas products use only cutting edge technology to deliver cannabinoids directly to your bloodstream.  You might find that a THC-dominant topical works better for you after a long workout or hike, whereas the CBD dominant topical works better to relieve stress, anxiety, or nerve-based pain. Topical cannabis isn’t designed to only relieve one symptom, like most pharmaceutical drugs.  The bonus is on the consumer to determine how this product works best for them, and to be able to share that usage with other people.


Evolve Formulas is the industry leader when it comes to application of topical cannabis.  With patented NanoSphere technology behind them, Evolve is capable of delivering the highest quality THC or CBD faster with more accuracy and reliability than the competitor.  This clinically proven product with greater bioavailability than any other is able to take on even the most difficult of symptoms. If you are suffering from a wide range of symptoms, Evolve Formulas is an excellent first choice when it comes to topical cannabis treatments.

SEM Jemsu