Briefly tell us about your experience with cannabis and CBD. How do you use it to help aid with recovery, both short & long-term.

Playing ice hockey professionally took a major physical toll on my body over the years–f rom multiple fractured bones to an abdominal tear, trapped nerves, and chronic aches and pains. My doctors prescribed medication after medication not only for the pain, but also for the resulting anxiety and insomnia that came with it. Eventually, it reached the point where I no longer felt like myself. The very medications that were supposed to help me were really only harming me, creating a host of new problems and side effects without properly addressing the underlying issues. Not to mention, they were addictive. As the situation worsened and I came to the end of my 13-year NHL career, I knew that something had to give. I needed a sustainable solution–one that didn’t require being on harsh, synthetic pills. That’s why I turned to cannabis. I’ll admit, I was nervous to give cannabis a try at first, because at the time, it still had a very negative connotation–but once I did, I knew it was the greatest decision I could have possibly made for my health and wellbeing. Miraculously, this natural plant had the ability to replace every single prescription drug I was on. It relieved the pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia–you name it. Most importantly, it gave me my quality of life back, and it broke the toxic and addictive cycle of pharmaceuticals. Clear-minded for the first time in years, I had finally found myself again.

Amazed and hopeful, I began immersing myself in the world of cannabis to learn as much as I could about the different delivery options available to find the safest, most effective ways to harness the plant’s medicinal power without posing the risk of smoking. Eventually, my research led me to NanoSphere Health Sciences. I feel so blessed that my journey has taken me here. Cannabis now plays a vital role in my daily routine for pain management and sleep quality at night. It’s truly a long-term solution, with benefits I can feel immediately upon application.

Tell us about your discovery of Evolve Formulas Transdermal NanoSerum. What effects did you feel during your first few times using it?

The timing was perfect. I had been following cannabis industry developments for quite some time when I heard about the cutting-edge products that NanoSphere Health Sciences was developing under its brand, Evolve Formulas. I was already interested in smoke-free delivery methods–and the company’s use of nanotechnology…

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