5 Surprising Benefits of Topical and Transdermal Cannabis

Over the past few years, multiple studies have been released from leading institutions promoting the healing and therapeutic benefits of cannabis. This news has created a huge demand for cannabis products, and manufacturers are working tirelessly to meet consumer demand. Whether you prefer to smoke it, eat it or just slather it on, cannabis products come in a wide variety of options.

While vaping and edibles are the two most common methods to imbibe, topicals are gaining in popularity. Due in part to the growing body of scientific evidence that supports their efficacy in treating a wide range of conditions affecting the skin, muscles, joints, nerves, and other body systems.

Why people are choosing topically-applied cannabis?

Topicals are the perfect solution for consumers looking to reap the many therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the cerebral euphoria associated with other delivery methods. Don’t topicals contain THC?  Well, it depends on the particular compound. But it important to note that even topicals that contain active THC will not induce a “high” per se.

What are the most common therapeutic benefits of topical cannabis?

  1. Relief of Skin Irritation & Inflammatory Skin Conditions

    Topicals can be used effectively for a whole array of skin conditions. Whether you’re contending with insect bites.rashes, or other minor skin irritations or battling more stubborn skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis you’ll find a dependable ally in that innocent-looking little vial of cannabis-infused serum. Because cannabinoids reduce inflammation while regulating cell regeneration, they help minimize the itching and discomfort these conditions cause while working their magic to restore healthy skin.

  2. Headache, Muscle, Joint, & Nerve Pain Relief

    According to one scientific article published in the National Library of Medicine, THC contains 20 times the anti-inflammatory potency of aspirin and twice the anti-inflammatory potency of hydrocortisone. Another study demonstrates a reduction of inflammation and pain indicators after use of transdermal CBD in treating a non-human arthritis model. These findings help support existing anecdotal evidence reporting that cannabinoid-containing topicals bring relief in cases of arthritic joint pain and other inflammatory conditions. Cannabis also has a long history of successful use for headache relief and is equally beneficial for muscle aches, muscle soreness, menstrual cramping, and nerve pain.

  3. Burn & Wound Treatment

    The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis-infused topicals help relieve the often hard-to-control pain of bums while promoting faster healing in the affected area. These same healing and inflammation-modulating properties are also beneficial in dealing with injuries ranging from simple abrasions to scratches, cuts and other wounds.

  4. Treatment of Bacterial Skin Infections

    Cannabis contains antibacterial and accelerated healing properties that make topical cannabis infusions one of the best remedies you can reach to treat cases of skin infection. Whether you’re dealing with an annoying outbreak of impetigo, a painful case of cellulitis, or a worrisome antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection, topical cannabis can help.

Topically-applied cannabis offers an effective treatment for a surprisingly large number of conditions that can be difficult to treat successfully using modern pharmaceuticals and other conventional medical treatments. For more information about how this age-old remedy, made even more effective through Evolve’s cutting-edge scientific manufacturing methods, can help you, give us a call today.


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