What is Evolve NanoSerum™?

Evolve’s NanoSerum™ is a fast-acting, ultra-strength transdermal formula infused with nano-encapsulated cannabis and cannabis extracts. NanoSerum™ immediately penetrates the skin to deliver direct-focused relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety and intelligently carries a full spectrum of cannabinoids and phytochemicals to receptors throughout the body for systemic healing.

Why should I buy NanoSerum over the competition?

NanoSerumTM is the first and ONLY transdermal delivered cannabinoid formulation with a clinically-proven and patented NanoSphere Delivery SystemTM to rapidly transport THC and other cannabinoids across the dermis into systemic circulation. This is the only product in the market that has been tested in human pharmacokinetic blood studies.

How does our delivery system work?

Utilizing the world’s first and only scientifically supported nanoparticle delivery system for cannabis, Evolve’s NanoSerumTM is the sole cannabis transdermal on the market that can penetrate the five layers of skin to deliver beneficial cannabinoids into the bloodstream and systemic circulation within minutes. Evolve nano-encapsulates active ingredients in natural, lipid membranes for rapid transportation and unparalleled absorption and bioavailability.

How does nano-sizing improve bioavailability?

Nano-sizing maximizes the surface area of the cannabinoid molecule. As dimensions decrease from nano-sizing the surface increases exponentially. This can dramatically improves absorption, distribution and bioavailability

Is nano-sizing safe?

Evolve is committed to ensuring that its products are consistently pure and safe. Our formulas are formed exclusively from pharmaceutical grade, biocompatible, non-toxic and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredients. Each ingredient is recognized as being safe when administered to the human body in our product’s dosage forms in nano- scale dimensions. Because our formulas contain no fillers, binders or additives, you get only pure ingredients.

Is it a patch?

No, our product is a viscoelastic NanoGel™ that is absorbed within seconds of applying! There is no need for an inconvenient patch or the mess of applying other salves, lotions or creams. Patches and other topical pain relief products are slow acting and ineffective – typically taking 5-24 hours to reach appreciable levels in the blood.

What evidence do you have to support your claims?

The science behind our patented NanoSphere Delivery System has been verified by various independent pharmacological and scientific journals, peer-reviewed articles and clinical trials. Please visit the science NanoSpheres section of our website for our white papers, journal references, database and hyperlinks to the MEDLINE journal citations and abstracts. The underlying form of our patented NanoSphere Delivery SystemTM is utilized by the pharmaceutical industry and has taken the lead over other delivery technologies because of advantages of higher degree of biocompatibility, safety and versatility. NanoSphere Health also conducts our own clinical studies on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Please see our PK Study Results Report for complete results.

Does it leave a smell?

NanoSerum is a soothing fluid gel with a natural aromatic scent of spearmint and rosemary. Our serum is absorbed immediately.

What kind of problems can NanoSerum treat?

  • For pain, muscle aches, tension and soreness, apply to the affected area of the body.

  • For quick relief headaches, apply to the temples and forehead.

  • To comfort menstrual cramps and abdominal pain, apply to the abdominal area of discomfort.

  • To ease joint pain or stiffness, apply to skin around painful joints and vertebrae.

  • To relieve anxiety, apply to pulse points such as the inner wrists.

Only the finest pharmaceutical-grade isolated cannabinoids, terpenes, cannabis extracts and ingredients are used in making Evolve’s products. All ingredients are 100% pure, biodegradable, biocompatible and non-toxic. Only organic pesticides, fungicides or herbicides during the cultivation of the cannabis are used in our products. Evolve contains NO: synthetic ingredients, chemicals, mineral oils, petroleum, artificial colors or fragrance. NO animals were tested in the making of our products.

What ingredients are in NanoSerum™?

  • Faster onset of actions, within minutes, compared to an hour or more with standard ingested cannabis extracts

  • Smart nanoparticle biotechnology improves cannabinoid-to-receptor binding and amplifies signal transduction

  • Delivers higher concentration of bioactive cannabinoids and terpenes

  • Increases bioavailability of cannabinoids (2-fold to 8-fold)

  • Consistent, precision-metered microliter dose at every use

  • Decreased dosages (2-fold to 8-fold)

  • Decreased adverse effects

  • Decreases development of tolerance to cannabis from prolonged use

  • More efficacious cannabinoid therapy

  • Extended circulating half-life

  • Fast-acting, convenient and easy-to-use anywhere

  • Safer, long-term use.

What are some of the benefits of Evolve and its NanoSphere Delivery System™? 

Evolve Cannabis products are available in licensed dispensaries in Colorado. See our store locator for a current list of all locations.

Where can I buy Evolve Cannabis products?

Since we use whole cannabis oil, our products are not shippable at this time under Federal Law. 

Can you ship products to me?