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The Benefits of Evolve

Transdermal THC & CBD | Transdermal Cannabis

Evolve Formulas offers the award-winning NanoSerum™, a fast-acting transdermal formula that helps with pain, inflammation and anxiety. Utilizing clinically-proven NanoSphere Delivery System™ for relief in minutes with greater bioavailability. Experience the difference.

Topical THC & CBD

Greater Bioavailability

Our groundbreaking NanoSphere Delivery System™ nano-sizes cannabis to readily and effectively cross mucosal barriers into the bloodstream and cells.

Transdermal Cannabis

Clinically Proven

Evolve’s ongoing clinically testing protocols confirms the efficacy and bioavailability of all our products.

Pain & Anxiety Relief

Proven Nanoparticle Delivery System

Evolve has a patented nanoparticle delivery system proven to be absorbed across the mucosa into the body…for results you can feel!