The Science behind Transdermal THC

Evolve's NanoSphere Delivery System™ integrates two proprietary components confirmed more effective through clinical testing. The first is a patented process that nano-sizes active ingredients into NanoGels™ wrapped in a protective natural, lipid membrane for precise microliter dosing. This innovative encapsulation increases surface area, protects against degradation and enhances the active agents’ ability to cross cellular barriers for maximum bioavailability and potency, The second is Evolve’s expanding range of superior delivery options— transdermal, intra-oral, intra-nasal— so that individual choice is maximized.

The Proof

Evolve’s clinical testing protocols are among the most comprehensive in the industry. Ongoing clinical trials confirm efficacy through two scientifically established methods. Pharmacokinetic testing uses time-related blood testing to calibrate uptake, concentration and duration in quantifiable terms. Psychodynamic testing of individual behavior, feelings and emotions do the same for qualitative indicators. The benefits: those who want greater confidence in the quality, purity and value of their purchase can now be assured of all three. To review our Clinical Study summary, please click here.

By these measures and more, Evolve delivers.